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(Antique Supplies)
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* [https://bluemooncamera.com/ Blue Moon Camera and Machine], sells vintage cameras.
* [https://bluemooncamera.com/ Blue Moon Camera and Machine], sells vintage cameras.
* [https://www.pakor.com/photolab-supplies Pakor], various film lab supplies including splicing tape.
* [https://www.pakor.com/photolab-supplies Pakor], various film lab supplies including splicing tape.
* [http://momentcatcherproductions.com/KODAK-Super-8-Presstape-Splices_p_35.html Momentcatcher Productions], Kodak presstape for splicing Super 8.
=== Antique Supplies ===
=== Antique Supplies ===

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An extensive, if not exhaustive, list of suppliers. All manner of supplies are here.

A Useful List of Suppliers

Herewith find sources of many nifty things.

1 Analog Photography

2 Antique Supplies

3 Circus/Theatrical/Costuming

4 Clock and Watch Supplies

5 Craft Supplies

6 Electronics Components

7 Fasteners

8 Jewelry Tools and Supplies

9 Lab Supplies

10 Lasers and Optics

  • ThorLabs, expensive laboratory supplier of numerous cool things. Includes candy in orders.
  • VS Eyewear, laser safety glasses.
  • Newport, laser optics and mechanical.

11 Letterpress Printing

12 Local To Windsor

  • Essex Metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Will cut to order. Minimum order is $75.
  • Torbram Electric Supply, electric supplies, buttons, panel boxes, terminal blocks, DIN rail, etc. Friendly and happy to do business with individuals. Wide selection, showroom is small. Bring a list and ask the clerk and they'll grab everything for you.
  • KBC Tools, always friendly. Great source for a wide variety of tools.
  • Fastenal, very wide selection of fasteners. Does not like dealing with individuals, but can't check if you give a random company name.
  • Lee Valley Tools, much cool, very nifty.

13 Microfluidics

14 Miscellaneous

15 Models and Miniatures

16 Model Engineering and Hobby Machining

17 Pens, Ink, and Paper

  • Goulet Pens, huge selection of inks and fountain pens.
  • Cult Pens, pens of all types.
  • Crane Paper, very high quality cotton paper. Has had the contract to manufacture paper for American currency since the 18th century.
  • Levenger, various beautiful things.

18 Pinball and Arcade Machine Parts

19 Process Control

  • Automation Direct, stocks a wide variety of automation and process control parts at reasonable prices.
  • Clippard Minimatics, wide variety of small pneumatic components, including pneumatic logic, valves, regulators, etc.
  • Coast Pneumatics, wide selection of pneumatic fittings and components.

20 Radiation Monitoring and Research

21 Robots and Electromechanical

22 Surplus/Used

23 Tools