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Software to investigate:

1 Membership

  • Zenbership

2 Video cameras

  • zoneminder

3 Streaming/IPTV

  • Magoware - seems to be an open source IPTV server used for streaming to pirate TV devices
  • Ant Media server - webRTC streaming?

See HLS for HTTP Live Streaming. This protocol allows for streaming the E-AC-3 codec

4 email

  • iRedMail - for administering email accounts and domains
  • roundcube - for client-based webmail
  • Sogo - groupware with shared contacts, calendar, etc

5 video conferencing

  • apache openmeetings - video conferencing, instant messaging, white board, collaborative document editing
  • Jitsi meet - video conferencing, instant messaging, integrates with

6 collaboration

  • - similar to discord, integrates video conferencing using Jitsi meet
  • Diaspora - decentralized social network, alternative to facebook
  • Mastodon - another social network, but more like alternative to twitter
  • gitlab - for storing documents & M2C software projects
  • - alternative for whatsapp
  • matrix - works hand in hand with to provide self-hosted chat services
  • wire - an open source alternative to Skype apparently

7 image/audio/video/file sharing

  • Myyna - alternative to Pinterest, web only
  • Nextcloud - alternative to MS onedrive, google drive, almost a document management system. Has apps for ios/android/desktop
  • OwnCloud - similar to Next cloud (Nextcloud may be a fork?)
  • Funkwhale - similar to diaspora but for audio files
  • Peertube - youtube alternative

8 Single Sign on

This is what we can use to store user account logins & passwords in a single place. Here's a list of software from wikipedia:

Implementations to check out:

  • Keycloak - Redhat's open source solution

9 ActivityPub / Fediverse

ActivityPub is an open standard that allows cross-sharing between distributed social networks. Fediverse is sort of a term to describe all the opensource social networking alternatives that are popping up. See for more info

Here's a list of opensource apps that are activitypub compatible:

  • peertube
  • mastadon

10 server administration

11 VPS Hosting