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Here's a summary of notes from previous meetings:

1 Aug 11, 2018

Conspirators present:

Nik Steel
Shawn Wilson
Rob Caruso
Jo Taylor
Pauline Burnett
Alex Steel
Jeffrey Drake

Here's what we discussed today:

  • Jeff offered to let us use the name WEmake
  • we are open to using the name
  • we are meeting up next week at accelerator at 7:00-- Jeff and Paul please join us

Action items:

  • Jo is going to get more info about insurance
  • Nik to invite Arthur and James to our meeting next week

Agenda next week:

  • identify locations within the building where we could operate
  • discuss plans with James -- would he be interested in joining our group? What are his goals for the space?
  • questions for Arthur

Things to ask Arthur:

  • does it make sense to have two makerspaces?
  • offer assistance for podcast studio
  • what does does he need from us to get a commitment regarding the space?
  • if we rent a partial room, is it possible to have priority access to rent the rest of the room in the future?
  • can we begin renting before we are fully incorporated?
  • does he have any resources for insurance or legal help?

2 Jan 28, 2018

conspirators present:

Shawn Wilson
Rob Caruso
Nik Steel
Chelsea (shit I forgot Chelsea's last name)

2.1 possible lawyer help

  • University professors
  • law student groups
  • Rob -> cousin Frank

2.2 coop development consultants

  • Gay Lea - free?
find out who to talk to for how to start a coop (see TODOs)

2.3 Expenses - semi-business plan

  • start building a list of fees
  • operating expenses

2.4 Accounting

  • talk to Kevin Wilkinson re: free/cheap accounting for non-profits