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* [[Accounting]]
* [[Accounting]]
* [[Suppliers List]]
* [[Suppliers List]]
* [[Microcontrollers]]

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Explore. Collaborate. Make.

This wiki is for storing any or all information about the Meta Makers co-op. M2C's mission statement is:

To provide access to tools and resources to maximize human potential.

Here's a a blurb about metamakers and the bigger picture:

what is the meta makers co-op?

Technically, we are a co-op that simply provides people *access* to tools, any sort of tools whatsoever, and resources.  Resources could be people, information, paint, electronics, a building, a stage, a kitchen, a farm, or anything you can think of.  When you provide people access to tools and resources, people will tend to make things.  What they make is up to them depending on what itch they have that needs to be scratched.

The very act of making something instills in a person a sense of pride, accomplishment, happiness, and ultimately self-worth.  When people collaborate to make things together as a group and share what they make, these effects are amplified. In the process of making things, individuals and groups of people will discover potential that they never realized they had.

The Meta Makers co-operative is an organization that ultimately encourges people to collaborate and share in this beneficial process of making.  Or in plain words, we make makers. 

Anything related to how M2C is made will be stored here. By providing detailed information on how M2C is created, we will hopefully lay the groundwork for other people (in Ontario at least) to replicate the process.


BY-LAWS: These are the official by-laws of the Meta Makers co-op. The current official version number of these by-laws is 1.0.

media kit

business plan

Membership Form



Here's a link for some Meeting Notes

3.1 Location Searching

First, here's a link to the page for anything to do with the City of Windsor zoning laws.