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This page is for keeping track of official documents used to create M2C

1 By-Laws

1.1 Sample Manitoba by-laws for non-share capital community service co-ops

Here's a Link to some Manitoba co-op by-laws: Specifically, look at the "non share capital community service co-operatives"

1.2 Mountain Equipment Co-op By-Laws

This appears to be the MEC by-laws:

1.3 Open Source Modelica Consortium By-Laws

These are by-laws for an open source software organization

1.4 Walkerville Artists Co-op By-Laws

Here's the By-Laws for the Walkerville Artists Co-op: WAC-bylaws-2018-03-05.pdf

1.5 ECM sample By-Laws from online corporate By-Law Generator

This is a draft of By-Laws using the corporate by-law generator: ECM ByLaws.pdf

Notes from Nik: 1) "proposal" means a proposal submitted by a member of the Corporation that meets the requirements of section 163 (Member Proposals) of the Act; - need to update section

3) is a corporate seal necessary if no share capitol

10) check on correct section of coop act

11) check section

12) section

14***) Review terms a/b etc.

TODO: 36 needs to work with 34; need to appoint temporary role

1.6 Pauline's merged By-Laws

Here's a by-law document that Pauline made: Compilation of By-laws PDF.pdf

It merges:

  1. manitoba co-op by-laws
  2. corporate by-law generator by-laws
  3. walkerville artist co-op by-laws

1.7 Shawn's merged By-Laws

These are similar to Pauline's but for membership: Membership conditions.pdf