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In this In this section, describe the physical aspect of your business operations: your location, current and future capacity, lease details, your equipment and technological requirements, and any environmental or other regulations that apply.

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Meta Makers is looking to open a makerspace located in Windsor, ON in an area with industrial zoning. The space will ideally have a size of approximately 2000 sq. ft. By locating the makerspace in an industrial zoned section of the city, Meta Makers will be able to allow for operations of heavy machinery and tools for light crafts.

We are currently searching for a space that will rent for approximately $1000/month and be able to house existing woodworking and metalworking equipment, computer controlled machines, and IT infrastructure.

A full list of existing equipment is as follows:


In the future, Meta Makers will seek funding and/or donations to acquire tools and resources to provide access to:

  • a Laser cutter
  • 3D printers
  • a Vinyl cutter
  • CNC
  • an audio-video recording studio
  • Sound recording and mastering equipment
  • WiFi
  • Glassworking equipment
  • Ceramic/pottery equipment
  • Fiber arts equipment
  • Electronics prototyping and test equipment
  • Culinary equipment
  • Metalworking equipment
  • Woodworking equipment

In order to reach this goal, Meta Makers directors and members will visit other makerspaces to learn how they were founded and how they operate.

At all times Meta Makers will seek to provide and/or utilize:

  • Environmental Compliance
  • Recycling of materials
  • mechanisms to properly dispose of any hazardous materials
  • ways to Minimize use of any hazardous materials (for example policy to avoid automotive to avoid challenges associated with chemicals used to service internal combustion engines)

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The objectives of Meta Makers is to create a self-suffient community workspace. Meta Makers is dedicated to providing a volunteer operated community service model organization whose sole purpose is to provide access to tools and resources to maximize human potential.

Meta Makers intends to achieve self-sufficiency primarily through membership dues. In addition to membership dues, capital from sponsors and donors will provide icing on the cake.

The Board members of Meta Makers are:

  • Pauline Burnett
  • Shawn Wilson
  • Roberto Caruso
  • Jo Taylor
  • Nik Steel

If Meta Makers cannot support itself strictly via membership, the directors will seek additional sponsors or reduce operating costs. Risk analysis will be provided in the future.

Meta Makers financial institution is the Windsor Family Credit Union. See the attached projected financial estimates for future projections

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