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  • contact alumni association so people can use the stuff at the university

Roles of Directors:

  • president
  • treasurer
  • financial secretary
  • secretary of the board

1 Field trip ideas

  • John R. Park homestead
  • they have a blacksmith sometimes
  • could do a field trip to find out how it
  • call them to find out when the blacksmith guy shows up

2 Maker Space Information

  • Maker spaces

3 Jo's Recommendations

  • document all money spent because we may be able to get the $$ back after we've formed the charity
  • document any person you talk to at revenue canada because CRA (canada revenue agency) has a very buggy API

4 Member automatic handling processes

List of things that should happen as soon as a new member has paid:

  1. Create mailbox on
  2. Configure the mailbox to forward to their normal email address?
  3. Add user to members address book under
  4. Subscribe users to members address book?
  5. Create user account on the wiki
  6. email a receipt to user's new mailbox
  7. email a welcome message to user's new mailbox
  8. create a digital certificate for the user and email it to their mailbox with links to instructions on how to install it
  9. send the member an email to their normal email address to let them know their account is ready

For users who's membership has expired:

  1. disable email
  2. disable wiki account
  3. revoke certificate (to be re-issued once the member has re-enrolled)