Howto renew Lets Encrypt certs

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to renew the Let's Encrypt certs for M2C websites, do the following

  1. ssh to
  2. run the following commands:
cd /opt/dehydrated
sudo ./dehydrated --cron

All new certs get generated under the /opt/dehydrated/certs/ directory. Each subdirectory here corresponds to an LE cert. All of the necessary cert files are in each subdirectory. If the dehydrated script generates any new certs, you'll have to copy them to the right spots for these particular servers:
You don't have to do anything for this one, apache is already configured to point directly to the dehydrated certificate path
You'll have to copy the contents of /opt/dehydrated/certs/ on the wiki server to /etc/postfix/certs/ on the mail server.
this one's not used because github provides its own SSL certs. It's just listed here for historical purposes.