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1 Co-operative Corporations Act of Ontario

This is the act of parliament that makes co-ops legal. Here's a link to the act itself:

1.1 Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Here's a link of co-op forms regarding the Co-operative corporations act of ontario:

2 Articles of Incorporation

The following forms are from the Canada Cooperatives Act (aka Coop Act)

2.1 Form 3001


This is the primary form to fill out for incorporating a co-op. I think it's the form for FEDERAL incorpoaration. Not sure about that though.

Below are some notes on sections:

2.2 1 - Name of the cooperative

Current working names are:

  • Open Maker Co-Operative
  • Shareway Community Co-Operative

2.3 3 - Min/max number of directors

min = 3, max = 7 (for now)

2.4 4 - Restrictions on the business of the coop

  • members can't financially benfefit?
  • moral questions? - need examples

2.5 5 - Restrictions on classes of memberships

  • paying members vs non-paying
  • no pay = no say
  • $50/month
  • subtract a discount until we get a building, e.g. $30 discount = $20/month

2.6 6 - Membership share capital

  • no shares

2.7 10 - Restrictions on Powers

  • not sure about this one - need to read documentation

3 Form 3003

FRM-3003-e.pdf This form has to be submitted w/ Form 3001 when you file (I think)

4 Form 3006

FRM-3006-e.pdf This form has to be submitted w/ Form 3001 when you file (I think)