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1 Coop Members

  • Shawn Wilson <> <> (work): 519-796-5026 (mobile) 519-258-0770 (home)
  • Rob Caruso <>
  • Nik Steel <>
  • Pauline Burnett <> cell 519 992 3920
  • Jo Taylor <>
  • Ante Baric <>

2 Contacts

  • Michelle Nevett <>
Health & Social Innovation Research Associate at EPICentre
  • has a PhD in biology from U. Windsor
  • she is teaming up with churches in order to utilize unused church space and get some $$ somehow
  • Cathy Mombourquette <???@???>
EPIC Genesis St. CLair college
  • Involved w/ EPICentre at University of Windsor
  • Possibly can help w/ finding other pople to talk to
  • In order to user her services, must be current or have graduated from University or St. Clair in the last 7 years
  • Steve Green <???@???>
Border City Urban Farms, started farm in park on Dougall
Similar to Sarah, might have contacts for starting an organization
  • John Elliott <>
city councellor, friends with Chris @ Computers for Kids
  • president(?) of STAG (Sandwich Teen Action Group)
  • Chris Vilag <>
president of Computers for Kids
  • Robin Redstone <???>: 905-283-5208
Director of Communications at Gay Lea Foods
  • Sits on the board of the Gay Lea foundation
  • mentioned something about the Aylmer Co-op Education center put on by Libro credit union. Somehow also tied in to the Ontario Co-operative Association
  • also mentioned something about the Co-operative Young Leaders startup program
  • if we ever get our charitable status, giver her a call and she might be able to get us some money
  • Kerr (pronounced 'care') Smith <???>: 888-773-2955
Manager of Co-operative Community Engagement at Gay Lea Foods
  • referred to by Robin Redstone
  • somewhere in Guelph
  • Bob Cameron <>: 519-903-7629
Executive director at the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative (DWCC)
  • is starting a food co-op downtown also
  • he is the guy that started DWCC
  • Sarah Cipkar <>
she also works at DWCC
  • Joel Greensboro NC
  • Copy by laws for your makerspace
  • Teach people but don’t have them make trinkets, have them make something useful for the community
  • Mentioned a makerspace that taught members to weld and then had the members weld ramps to help people with disabilities get into their homes
  • Mike Wright <>: 810-354-7766 (office), 810-814-0524 (cell)
  • Founder of Factory Two makerspace in Flint, MI
  • Zenbership open source software is what they use for the makerspace.
  • Community outreach programs with the boy scouts
  • Mike - Akron OH
  • to look for things to buy for maker space
  • Get heavy hitters behind us
  • Members lease equipment to the makerspace for $1 a year
  • Started in a garage, moved to current space and are moving to a bigger space
  • Arthur Barbut <>
  • guy in charge of the downtown business accelerator (now on Howard & Shepard)

3 Legal & Insurance

  • Jim Marcovecchio <>
  • Hub international insurance agent for Property & Casualty (P&C) and Directors & Office (D&O) Insurance

4 Field Trips

  • Sonya King <>: 519-253-7755
Customer Service Manager at TDL Systems Inc
  • These guys make 3D printed sandals based on scans of your feet

5 Maker Clubs/Charities

371 Wyandotte St. W.
Windsor, ON
non-profit registered charity
West Side Centre
635 McEwan Ave
Windsor, ON
N9B 2E9
East Side Centre
8787 McHugh St.
Windsor, ON
N8S 0A1
4150 Sandwich St
Windsor, ON
N9C 1C5